February 10, 2018

AN Islamic cleric has told an unfair dismissal hearing he was warned he would be sack­ed as preacher at ­Preston’s mosque if he learnt English.

But the Islamic Society of Victoria said it dismissed Moh­amad Abou-Eid after he had made false claims in public and in front of TV cameras, alleging financial irregularities at the mosque.

Impact Funds Management Pty Ltd v Roy Morgan Research Ltd [2016] VSC 221 (10 May 2016) a proceeding commencing with a televised (it was silly season) relief against forfeiture application on 21 December, 2015 and following by the trial of $10 million claim against the defendant and counterclaim that was heard for 3 days before His Honour Justice Croft. Neither the claim nor counterclaim were made out. Television cameras were allowed to set up in the court room for the 7.30am hearing against the lock out. ABC footage.

The former lover of Seven West Media boss Tim Worner secreted away damaging material about the company to unleash a “reign of terror” to “destroy” the media chief a court has heard.

When asked if his client was concerned about a legal letter issued last week by Seven's lawyers in which they greeted rumours of Harrison contemplating a tell-all interview with 60 Minutes by referring her to the Proceeds of Crime Act, Catlin laughed out loud.

"I regard that as Rowan Atkinson hilarious," he replied. And to the suggestion that legal aid was being supplied to Ms Harrison on a pro-bono basis, he gravely informed us that he didn't work for free.

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