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The Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled that VCAT is not a court for the purposes of s.8 of the Commercial Arbitration Act (“CAA”). S.8 of the CAA compels a ‘court’ to uphold arbitration agreements and stay any proceeding before it where an arbitration clause is operative.

In 2012 the Victorian Law reform commission (“VLRC”) commenced a review into Victoria succession laws and in particular the subjects of: Wills, Family Provision, Intestacy, Executors, Small Estates, and Estate Debts.

ADMINISTRATION AND PROBATE – Deceased transferred property to daughter during his lifetime – Deceased‟s other children claim transfer was unconscionable – Other children are not beneficiaries – Other children have issued separate proceedings seeking provision under Administration & Probate Act 1958 (Vic) Pt IV – power to set aside inter vivos gift in order to replenish an estate

A London court has given Swedish authorities the green light to extradite Julian Assange.Judge Howard Riddle of the London Magistrate's Court found that Swedish authorities had lodged the…

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